Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hidden in the Story on Reality Winner is Evidence of Hacking

  There's something hidden in a story that broke the last couple days.
   Way back, the thought was that while the Russians might have influenced the election, they didn't hack the votes. I remember stories saying no one was saying they actually changed the votes.
   Then comes Vladimir Putin saying Russians patriots, not the Russian government, itself, might have "hacked" the election. He perhaps was referring to things other than vote-changing, but that word "hacking" sure does seem to belong more to vote changing than to influence peddling.
   You hack election machines, not people's opinions.
   And, now this woman who was arrested for leaking information. Reality Winner, is her name.  The New York Times says the information she released included a description of Russian intelligence operatives cyberattacking a company that sells voter registration-related software and also cyberattacking 122 local election officials.
  That would only be done if you had designs on changing the votes, themselves. It doesn't mean the effort to change the votes was successful, or even carried out.
   But, it surely reveals that you had designs on changing the vote totals. Somehow, it seems this should be bigger news. Most news outlets, I believe, are not even including reference to this cyberattacking of those working with voting machines.
   Surely this is bigger news. Perhaps a headline saying, "New Evidence Emerges that Election Machinery was Targeted."
   I don't know. I do know that those who didn't want votes recounted suggested there shouldn't be such a recount because there was no evidence of tinkering. Here's your evidence.

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