Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We Should Sense the Urgency of Fighting Cyber Crime

   We should respond with the same urgency to cyber attacks as we did when the terrorists toppled the World Trade Center in the 9-11 attack.
   War on terrorism? It cannot be left in Afghanistan and Iraq. The next wave of terrorism is upon us, and it is hidden in our computers. The war against terrorism surely continues in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it is joined on a new front: the internet.
    And, we are unprepared.
    Do we even have an armed force, so to speak, to fight this war? Surely we do. We have cyber experts already engaged. But, do we have a force designated just for this, an agency established just to fight cyber crime?
   No. We don't.
    Call it the National Cyber Crimes Agency, the Federal Internet Defense Alliance, or whatever. I only know we should be rushing to organize, train, study and mobilize. We should be asking, How much will this cost, and how will we afford it? And, then, rushing to get the funds in place.
     When a cyber crime is committed today, we call law enforcement and they tell us there is nothing that can be done. That has got to stop. We have got to start fighting cyber crime. When criminals are unopposed, they run roughshod over the people. 

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