Friday, June 9, 2017

'We are not a Nation that Debates Issues' -- David Koch

 "We are not a nation that debates issues. We vote on candidates' personalities." -- David Koch
  I do not fully agree with Koch. In some ways, it seems we debate issues as well as any nation. We debate guns, and abortion, and climate control. We even debate the Koch Brothers. 
  But, given that, I do  long for us to be a nation that debates open-mindedly, a nation whose people debate to discover the truth, a nation that discusses things to sort out the facts and settle on the truth, a nation that debates to reach a consensus, an agreement, with one side yielding to the other when truth is found.
  We are not that nation. In that context, as Koch says, "We are not a nation that debates the issues." We don't seek the truth. We assume we already have it, and we each use our version to bash the other.
   Wish, instead, we were seekers of truth, lovers of truth wherever it might to be found. Wish we ascribed to the truth whether found on the right or on the left. If we were such a people, the right and the left might cease to exist. We would mold together, as the motto suggests, one nation under God. 

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