Saturday, July 16, 2016

There is another Part of this War to be Fought

   If it is the hearts of men we must change -- if we would curb mass murders and terrorist attacks -- then how shall we go about it? If it is necessary to persuade the mass murderers and terrorists that what they are doing is wrong, how shall we go about persuading them?
   There is power in persuasion. It might not reach all the potential murderers, but some will be reached, if we reach out to them, and encourage them not to commit such heinous acts. What are the ways of reaching them? These days, Facebook looms large. Reach out to them with spots on the radio, on TV, in newspapers, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Reach out to them in concerts, when entertainers are found who will join in the cause and speak out. Reach out to them with what leaders they have who are opposed to violent crimes. When we find Muslim religious leaders who will speak out against these crimes, let us get them in promo spots condemning ISIS and mass murders.
   Make it a worldwide blitz.
   There is as much power in persuasion as there is in war. Polish up the public promos. Make them as creative, exciting and polished as any advertisement can be. Don't stop with domestic advertising against mass murder and terrorism in this country and countries such as France. Take the battle to their countries, advertising on al-jazeera and in the media in the middle east against ISIS and other terrorist groups.
   There is a war being fought for the hearts of men, and if you are to win it, you must win it with what you say and by making what you say attractive enough to persuade. Guns and bombs and drones win the part of the war that must be fought with those weapons. But, there is a part of the war that must be won with words.
   We took up our weapons of war long ago in the first part of the war.  We've been at it at least as far back as when President Bush declared the war on terrorism. But, we haven't yet even began to fight on the second front in this war.
   Why not?

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