Thursday, July 21, 2016

Freedom of Alcohol is not Always a Good Thing

   No less than 30.5 percent of all deaths in Russia in 2012 were attributed to alcohol. That's nearly one in three. It is an astounding death rate, and points out how serious a problem alcohol can become to a nation.
   It has festered in Russia. They have had a culture of drinking for quite some time. Yesterday, I wrote how we should learn from history, lest we repeat it. I believe we should take the lessons of history, and look to them for guidance. So, we should look across the seas, to Russia, and review what brought on this culture of drinking, and seek to avoid it.
   I have few answers tonight. And, don't know whether I will pursue this, but I might. One thought I do wonder about tonight? I know the problem in Russia became larger when the Soviet Union collapsed. I know alcohol prices dropped. I do wonder if Russia stands as an example that freedom of alcohol is not always a good thing. I do not know whether Russia ever had a prohibition, but I would imagine it was freer than before with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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