Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What if Donald Trump Started Packing?

   One suggested solution for gun violence, and mass shootings, is to encourage more people to pack.
   I wonder what if those who suggest it, practiced it? What if Donald Trump showed up with an AK-47 strapped to his shoulder? What if he encouraged his followers to show up to his rallies guns in their waistbands?
   After all, there is always the danger there could be a mass shooting at a Trump rally, right? If the answer to such danger is to have enough people there packing, then do it, right?
   I ask you to think on it first, though. Consider the confrontations there have been at some of Trump's rallies. Now, if both sides had been armed, what might have happened? If the Trump backers are bringing guns, and those who come to protest Trump know it, I wonder if they are going to be more inclined to bring guns of their own?
   The arms race would be on. Violence begets violence and guns attract more guns. Some would say, fight fire with fire, but I wonder if sometimes that just creates a bigger fire. Violence rises to the height of the nearest weapon, so there is value to limiting the weaponry.

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