Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Mourn Sam Wheeler's Death

   Sam Wheeler -- 72-year-old motorcycle legend Sam Wheeler -- went to his grave this week attempting to again become the fastest man on a motorcycle in all the world.
  His motorcycle fishtailed and went out of control on the slick surface of the Great Salt Lake.
   I do not know, but it seems to me of all the racing done on the Salt Flats, motorcycle racing would demand the most athleticism. That a 72-year-old man was still pursuing the world's fastest pass on the Salt Flats seems remarkable in and of itself.
  I mourn Wheeler's dying. I wonder if anything could be done to make the Salt Flats safer. I wonder what kind of protective gear the land speed racers wear. I wonder if the motorcycle racers wear the same protective gear worn by motocross racers, nothing more than that.
  It seems the level up in danger should signal a level up in protective wear, maybe a balloon-type covering, or would that be too restrictive for the athleticism necessary?

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