Sunday, July 17, 2016

George Washington's Surviving this Battle Should be a Story Well Told

   Is it legend or is it true? We should look as deeply into history as we can to determine if it is true. But, if it is, it should be a larger story in our school history books.
   I believe inspiring events should be emphasized in our schools textbooks of history. If there are miracles, they should be told. If the hand of God is evident, those are things that should be shared. George Washington's having two horses shot from underneath him, four bullets piercing his clothes, and his hat being shot off and bullet fragments being left in his hair -- that is a story that should be well told.
   It is a story all of us as Americans should be well aware of.
   But, I would not to be deluded. I would not to be deceived. If this is a false story, if it was fabricated, I would that we should know so.

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