Thursday, July 7, 2016

Two Keys to Helping the Alcoholic: Love and Music

   I'm sitting here thinking about what can be done to help a person overcome alcoholism. Perhaps all the answers we've ever known about changing people are all we have for changing the alcoholic. At the top of the list: love. The most important, most instrumental thing is love. Well, as I'm thinking on all this, this song comes on, and I think how music with noble sentiments, how positive and uplifting music can help people overcome their addiction.
   So, love and music: two of the most powerful influences in the world. If you would effect change, place these among your resources.
   The opening words of the song? It haunts me, they are so appropriate to what I am thinking as the song comes on:
   "I hear a lot of stories
   "I suppose they could be true.
   "All about love,
   "And what it can do to you."

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