Tuesday, July 5, 2016

With Liberty, and Justice and America for all

   I believe in an America for everyone, regardless what part of the globe they live in. I believe in justice and freedom, in fairness and ethics, in equality and love. In other words, I believe in America.
   I believe in the value of every human soul. I believe in treating others with decency and dignity. I believe in the pursuit of happiness, in being able to pursue dreams and prosperity, in being allowed to chase goals and ambitions. Yes, in other words, I believe in America.
   I would not reject anyone from coming to this land, other than those who would come to commit crimes. I would say, This is the land of the free, and you are free to come.
   I believe in an America for everyone, regardless where they live. Oh, let me condition that. I do not believe in fomenting change in other countries. If the people lack freedoms, but are not wanting or asking for those freedoms -- if they are satisfied with their lots in life -- then let them be. You do not force freedom on a people because that runs counter to what freedom is about. Our values might not be their values. If they do not value being free, if they are happy living under a king or dictator, then let them alone to their own way of life, and don't force ours upon them.
   But, if they are in oppression and in need of help, and will welcome that help, then I would go to war to free them. Just as we, as individuals, should help every neighbor we can, so we, as a nation, should help every people we can. Just as we, as individuals, would stand up for the rights of any one person in our communities, so we, as a nation, should stand up for any people in the world community.
   I believe in an America for everyone. I wish that America could be on our soil. But, as that cannot be, then let "America" be in other lands, as well. If they cannot come to America, let the spirit of America be with them in lands afar. Let theirs, as well, be lands where justice, and freedom and fairness and love are the standards of life.

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