Sunday, July 31, 2016

In the Land of the Free, They are Not Free

I wonder at us, how we jail and deport undocumented immigrants
How instead of giving them liberty, we give them a list of can'ts.
I wonder at us, how we make them illegal
How their birth on other soil, means they aren't as us so regal.
A country prejudiced against others
Because they come from a different place.
A country that callously calls them aliens
And tells them to do an about-face.
In the land of the free they are not free
No, in the land of the just they're not.
It's as if freedom is not free
But something that must be bought.
So, freedom becomes a birthright
Or a right that a court must give
It's not exactly like the Declaration of Independence says
Something for all who live.
Bless this nation, bless this land
To change the way it thinks.
For its not their coming here
But our attitude that stinks.

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