Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cyber Crime is becoming One of Our Biggest Problems

    Two of the biggest stories of the past week involved harms committed in cyber space. There was the WannaCry story, of course. But, don't forget that the investigation of Russia's meddling in our election involved acts committed online. So, perhaps reflecting on the fact that two of our biggest news stories involved cyber harms will prompt us to realize harmful cyber activity has blossomed into one of our nation's biggest problems. Cyber crime has earned a spot right next to the national debt, pollution, terrorism, etc.
  Do we even have an investigative agency for cyber crime? It is tucked into the FBI, I realize, but I wonder how many agents there are and how advanced they are in the art of tracking down cyber criminals. And, shouldn't we have a whole new string of laws? We should identify each harm being committed by cyber players and make a law against it. Phishing, for example, should be against the law. Is it? I doubt it. And, is it against the law to send an email that spreads a virus? I wonder. It seems surely we have at least created a law against that, or have we? I do not hear any news of what charges the WannaCry criminals will face if they are caught, so I wonder.

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