Friday, May 26, 2017

How did this get Tucked into a Story instead of being its Own Story?

 Rewind, if you want a big story that didn't get much attention. Was it about one week ago. I believe the story I caught it in was about Trump's speech to the Saudis. It was a small paragraph in the midst of another story.
   One hundred billion dollars in military aid to Saudi Arabia?
  That's $100 billion. I understand that will make it one of the largest arms sales ever. I read one source calling it the largest. Somehow, that seems like it should be big news. As in, the lead story of the day.
   And, the $100 billion might grow. I see, in another story, how it is expected to evolve into $300 billion. The U.S. doesn't want Israel to fall behind. It wants Israel to maintain a "qualitative military edge" over other Mideast countries. So, the $300 billion will include money for Israel.
   Are we bankrolling an arms race here? Are we buying friendship with bombs? Are we seeking the favor of the Saudis the wrong way?
   Are we spending way too much money on this?

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