Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Foster Placement Program for the Homeless

   We place orphans in homes. We once placed native American children in homes. We still place foreign students in our homes.
   The homeless? One level of taking care of them would be to place them in homes. Do not let it bother you that it wouldn't be a terribly popular program, for those placed in it would receive some of the best care of all.
   And, providing the best care of all ought to be something we seek.
  The Homeless Placement Program, then, where one could take care of a foster homeless person.
   It does not go unnoticed on me that there is not such a program because taking care of the homeless is not something many would relish. Few would actually take them under their own roofs.
   But, some would. And, if we are to solve homelessness, this is a piece of the puzzle.

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