Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Day the Lord Rapped Me on the Knuckles

It's been two weeks today since I injured my hand. Was doing yard work on a Sunday. Now, there is so much yard work, and no free time to do it, that I rationalized that the Lord understood and that it was a little bit of the ox being in the mire. Well. anyway, as I was concluding having pulled weeds for a good portion of the day, I was pushing the garbage container filled in part with dirt when it slid out in front of me, pulling me down as my hands held to the handles. My knuckles hit the cement with the full weight of the garbage container on them, bloodying them good. It's a little like the Lord was literally rapping my knuckles, saying, "John, you know you shouldn't be doing this on Sunday." Anyway, I've refrained from yard work the last two Sundays, but who knows what I will do in the future. 
I do believe in the Sabbath. I do believe if we call it a delight, and enjoy doing the things of the Lord on the Sabbath, and abstain from doing our own things (Isaiah 58:13-14), He will bless us. 

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