Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Poor Man Out

   As Republicans and the Trump Administration seek to inject more competition, more free-market policies into health care, we should open our eyes to one of the disadvantages.
   Aye, make no mistake, to date, my thought is that we need to turn to competition and free-market values if we are to lower health-care costs. But, a day or two ago, I realized there is a drawback that we will need to overcome:
   The tendency of the free-market to preclude some from affording health care.
   When the marketer has differing economic levels to market to -- ranging from rich to poor -- there will be the tendency to target the higher-paying customers.
   At the expense of the poor.
   So, you set your price in accordance to how you believe you can make the most money. If you can only get $1.95 from the poor and you can get $195 from the rich, obviously you set your price to garner your business from the rich.
   Poor man out.
   So, tonight as I go to bed, perhaps I will give thought to what might can be done to include the poor, for surely it is imperative that the poor are provided health care.


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