Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Day of the Working Class Might be Closing out

   One wonders if we sit on the precipice of the greatest economic threat ever. Robots swallow up all our factory line jobs. Drones take over all our transportation jobs. Automated checkers replace every check-out clerk.
   There is nary a manual labor job that a robot cannot do.
   So, what becomes of us? Do the rich -- all those who own companies -- remain, but the working class run out of work? We speak much of the gap between the rich and the poor. This could exacerbate that problem.
   We soon could live in a world where you either own a company, or you are unemployed. That might be a little bit of a generalization, but to a large extent, it could happen.
   What kind of jobs might will remain? Perhaps, those that rely on human interaction. Guides, hosts, trainers, and counselors stand a chance of surviving. Who knows, as our economy shifts, we might see job creation in those fields just to keep people employed. Instead of going through national parks much on your own, the day might come when a guide accompanies the whole way through the park.
   But, shifting workers to human-touch type of jobs is only part of the answer. We will also need to shift many workers from being just that -- employees -- to being owners. The day of the working class may be coming to an end, and the age of everyone owning their own business at our doorstep.

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