Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bear Ears: Speaking of Ears, He Who has Your Ear has Your Heart

   As you read this, if you read it on Wednesday, it will be on the day the Bear Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition will hold a press conference on President Trump's executive order relating to the Bears Ears National Monument.
   I don't know specifically what the coalition will say, but I think they might could say something about how Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke should meet with them. The Native American tribes have been asking Zinke to meet with them since January. Surely, their views and feelings deserve at least an audience, at least a sit-down meeting with the secretary.
   Nor, do I believe Zinke has met with other proponents of monument status for Bears Ears. Has he set down with any nature groups? Meanwhile, we hear of him meeting and listening to most everyone who opposes the monument designation. I have thought well of Zinke, but his uneven treatment of those with interests in the monument designation is unsettling.
   I have a couple of sayings:
   We always trust the face before our face,
   He who has your ear has your heart.
   If Zinke would to come to even-handed conclusions, he should be even-handed in who he listens to.

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