Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is Mueller taking over the Existing Investigation?

   My initial reaction to news that the Justice Department has named Robert Mueller as special counsel to an investigation of the Russia-Trump thing? Well I was a little lost as to the need for a special counsel. Isn't the Intel Community already on this? Aren't these our nation's highest professionals, when it comes to investigators, already digging into what has happened?
   Do we not trust the investigation already underway? Do we not think it adequate? Do we suppose it is not going to get to the bottom of things, and therefore we need to bring in someone else?
   But, on first hearing of Mueller's appointment, I think I misunderstood what he will do. After reading a news story, I don't believe he will be opening a new investigation, one independent of the one the FBI is already conducting. Instead, I believe, he will be set over the current investigation as its head. That is a good thing, for it will steer the investigation a little out of the reach of Trump's new FBI director. Having Trump name who he chooses to head the investigation of himself is not a good idea.

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