Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Mother Who got Away

   Here is the story of Silvia Avelar-Flores. She was buying one of her daughters things for her birthday party when immigration officials apprehended her, and hauled her off for deportation. But, when the judge heard the case, he granted her 90 more days in America.
   She got away. And, it wasn't the first time. She had been in America about 24 years. She came on a six-month visa as a 7-year old and is still here as a 31-year old. There's a trail in there of times she got away, of times the system thought about deporting her, but didn't. She got away and got away and got away.
   And, should have. 
   How do you deport a mother? How do you deport someone who, if they broke the law, broke it was as a 7-year old? This is a country of rules, you know, and the rules say you are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where in being deported are you allowed liberty? Where in it are you allowed to pursue the happiness of living in America? This is a country of freedom -- or, at least, it is suppose to be. Where in being deported are you being given your freedom?
   This is a country of laws. And, the laws suggest that if you are age 7, the parent might be convicted, but not the child. If they went into a candy store together and the parents pulled some licorice out of the candy jar and placed it in the hands of the 7-year old and they walked out together, who would you convict, all of them, or just the parents?
   Set her free.
   You might say this is not a criminal case in that manner. It is just a question of whether she is lawful to remain. She is not being convicted of a crime, only deported because she simply doesn't have the right to be here. You might say it is like the parents taking their child with them as they trespassed. Only the parents would be guilty of any trespassing charges, but all of them would be removed from the property -- child included.
   I say there is a difference. You can be removed from a no-trespass site without it adversely affecting your life. You cannot be removed from the land you grew up in and sent to a foreign land you fear without it depriving you of freedom, of friends, and of most all you hold dear. While comparing it to being removed from a no-trespass area might seem in order, it is more in order to compare it to being removed from your own home.
   For literally, that is what is happening.

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