Saturday, May 13, 2017

If Trump is Nervous, Perhaps there is Reason

   Thankfully, the ship has sailed, and there will be no calling it back.
   I think of what acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe's has said. An Associated Press story says he characterized the investigation into Russian interference in our election as "highly significant." He said James Comey's firing will not hinder the investigation and no interference from the White House will be tolerated.
   The investigation will go on, regardless what Trump might want, or who he might fire.
   Bless you all, who say the investigation is unnecessary, or that it is a witch hunt, or that it will turn up nothing. Your opinions are fine.
   Mine simply differs. I wonder at a president so concerned about the issue that he would fire the FBI director. I wonder that he would be so concerned that he would seek a pledge of loyalty from the FBI director, implying that he must pledge to find nothing to implicate him. FBI directors are appointed to 10-year terms. Comey was but four years into his. Only once before has an FBI director been fired.
   So, this firing is significant.
  You can grapple for reasons why Trump fired Comey. If we are conjecturing, then the thought that he grew nervous is one. If he had nothing to fear, nothing to hide, then why was he even asking Comey to take a pledge of "loyalty"?
   Acting FBI Director McCabe said the investigation is "highly significant." That doesn't sound like he expects it will turn up little or nothing. It doesn't necessarily mean it will turn up something on Trump, but it indicates we can expect something significant. McCabe also said they will not keep Trump abreast of what is being found. That indicates that they might be looking into a Trump connection. It doesn't mean they will find such a connection, but it certainly suggests they are going to search to see if there is one.
   If Trump is nervous, perhaps there is reason for his nervousness.

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