Friday, May 19, 2017

Don't Center Just on things that Lead to Impeachment

Sometimes, the problem with investigations is that they look only for crimes. It would be nice if the investigations into Russia's meddling in our election went beyond that. I would like to know what the Russians did, regardless whether a crime was committed. It was said that they used propaganda and disinformation to influence our election. That doesn't sound like a crime, but I would still like to know what stories they planted.
   Same with the Donald Trump collusion angle. I hope the investigation doesn't just seek to find criminal offenses. I don't know that any crime was committed if Trump did get the Russians' help in being elected, but I would still like to know what happened.
   I am not saying don't pursue criminal matters. If Trump tried to influence whether he was being investigated, that sounds criminal (to me), but it is something that arose as a sidebar to the original investigation of Russia influencing our election. I just don't want what was originally being pursued to be swept aside in favor of these later developments.
   Nor do I want these later developments to focus solely on criminal matters. What has transpired, has transpired. I want to know. I think we, as a nation, deserve to know.
   Impeach Trump? If he has committed a crime worthy of impeachment. But, I hope that isn't the drive behind the investigation. Instead of just focusing on those things that could push for impeachment, speak to all that has gone on.

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