Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This would be a Sanctuary City like no other

   Sanctuary city? We don't have one of this kind, a city created -- built from the ground up -- just for those who come to the U.S. A city fostering them as the seek to become legal, helping them become legal.
   Well, yes, I can see such a city would be shut down fast. But, I still think it a wonderful idea, if only Donald Trump and the government would let it stand.
   You don't want them stealing your jobs? Put them in their own city. If you must, restrict them from working outside the immigrant city. You don't want them using your schools? Let them have their own, right there in Sanctuary City.
  For that would be the name of it.
  You don't want them to use your hospitals? Let them have their own.
  We have -- what -- 10 million undocumented immigrants? There's enough of them they could have a sprawling city. Is there some place in New Mexico or Arizona or Texas we could put them -- some place large enough for  a city of 10 million?
  So, instead of deporting them, send them to Sanctuary City.
  I don't know if this idea would work. I'd like it to. But, would it be but a slum city? Would they not be able to fashion a thriving community for themselves? Perhaps, like the name of the municipality suggests, we would have to nurse them along, building stores and manufacturing sites and businesses for them to come work at, and to come and own and operate.
   A sanctuary city might require some sanctuary.
   While I wonder if it would work, I like the idea. You could take virtually every negative aimed at undocumented workers and erase them. Crime? That would be pretty much their own problem. If they were stealing or robbing or raping, it would more likely be among their own. And, I already pointed out they would no longer be taking jobs from us, no longer using our schools, and no longer using our hospitals.
  Social programs? Government care? Give them their own network. And, instead of it relying on Uncle Sam, let charities pay for their "Medicaid" and "Food Stamps."
   If we take away all the reasons you don't like them, will you let them stay? Give them their own city, and let them stay.

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