Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sabbath Observance can lead to Friendship with God

  If there be a God (and I am among those who say there is), He would be a good and kindly God. So, what of the commandment to observe the Sabbath?
  I thought along these lines as I and my family sat at the table, eating dinner, talking of various things. Would God be upset? Would He want us to talk about Him this day?
  I think of ourselves. And, of how a good person would react if he or she were neglected. Would they demand the attention? Would they demand honor? No, a good person doesn't demand honor.
   Is God so different?
   I believe God wishes us to observe the Sabbath, and is gratified when we do so. But, I don't believe He throws much of a fit if we don't.
   I believe we can have friendships with God. I believe we can show Him we love Him. Giving Him time on the Sabbath increases our friendship, and shows Him our love.
  I believe that just as it is with relations here on earth, where one person shows appreciation for another, so it is with our relations with God. If we show Him love and if we observe the Sabbath, He appreciates it and is grateful.
   If we would have a friendship with our God, then, we should enjoy the Sabbath, and enjoy giving it to Him.

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