Sunday, July 2, 2017

Do We Fly to Pieces Like Glass When Things don't Fit Our Politics?

I finish a discussion and come over to my computer and open to the Facebook page of a group called LDS Prophecy and Gospel Discussions. The page's background has a quote from Joseph Smith that, "some . . . will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything is contrary to their traditions." I think of the discussion I just had. We discussed whether health care should be open to all. We considered whether having food to eat was a right. We considered which answers were socialism. If we give everyone health care, is that socialism? If we make sure everyone has food, is that socialism?
I concluded that giving everyone health care might well need socialism, if the free enterprise system is not providing it. If that is what it takes, I suggest we do it. If the alternative is letting people go to their death beds, we should provide them assistance, anyway, regardless if it is socialism. He who stops from helping someone because he fears it will be socialism is not thinking correctly. Do what is right, regardless the politics.
After my discussion ends, I open this page to read Joseph's thought, that people cannot handle things that are contrary to their traditions. Some of us are conservatives and some of us are liberals. I just wonder if we let our traditions (our politics) sometimes get in the way of our doing the right thing.
The fuller quote from Joseph Smith is, "I've tried . . . to get the minds of the saints to receive the things of God; but we frequently see some of them . . . will fly to pieces like glass as soon as anything is contrary to their traditions."
I do not say this quote means we should have socialized medicine. I would like to think we do not need that. But, I do not think we should avoid socialized medicine just because it is socialized medicine. We should consider the issue on its own merits, without regard to which box it will fall in, and whether that box is socialism. To do otherwise is to let our traditions govern our decisions. It is flying to pieces as soon as anything is contrary to our traditions (our politics).

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