Monday, July 3, 2017

Now We have Legislation We Don't need, and it's in all 50 States

 The finger of the the lobbyist is no where more evident than it is in the world of barbering. I think of this: that with way clippers are designed, with attachments that make it somewhat impossible to give an uneven cut, yet we somehow think it necessary to require everyone to have a license.
   How did that come about?
  You have to get 1500 hours (depending on the state) in a barbering school before you can take the state exams to get a license. All 50 states require licenses (though, I don't know if they all require barbering school).
   That's all 50 states. Nary a one thinks it too much regulation.
   The spread of communicable diseases is one of the reasons behind the call for licensing, yet I wonder if all the states makes it a law that the cutters must be disinfected after each use. The laws seem more aimed at training in how to cut than in training in how to avoid communicable diseases.
   Now, here's what I see: There are two beneficiaries of these laws, two parties that benefit from our requiring licensing: One, the barbering schools. Would they even exist if people were not required to attend them in order to become barbers? Two, the other beneficiary is the existing barbers. If it is difficult to get into barbering, there will be less competition, The existing barbers do not need to fear so much competition.
   I think it very clear, that when the licensing laws were created in each of the states, lobbyists for the barbers plead their cause before the various state legislatures. I think it very clear that when they got the legislation passed in one state, they went to the next, until they had achieved their goal in all 50 states.

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