Monday, July 17, 2017

I Wonder why the Same Principle shouldn't Apply to Nations

   I wondered on what they said, of how they will make the theme, "Made in America," big again, and of how Made in America will make America great again.
  Donald Trump and Mike Pence: This is their idea. Is it a good one?
  I wonder how it will affect the economy. For the better? 
   Somehow, I tend to think it better for us to be inclusive of other nations, to share with them. It somehow just seems the right thing to do. I like the idea of not setting yourself above others, of not placing your welfare above the welfare of others.
   Its a principle when we speak of relations, individually, one person with another. We don't set our own welfare above that of others. We don't disregard our neighbors. We help them when we can. We aren't of a me-me-me mentality. The teaching, Love thy neighbor as thyself, means something to us and is real. We were raised to think this way. It is a principle that has become part of us. 
   So, somehow, I wonder why the same principle shouldn't apply with countries.

Note added July 19: Would that I would have thought this out a little better before I published it. I don't know that the principle of not placing yourself above others applies to the Made in America campaign. It might apply to the America First effort, at least in part, though. Maybe my thinking was a little dyslexic. Perhaps I will print a new blog, rewriting this one, at a later date.

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