Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Simple Measures could Sidestep Maybe 90 Percent of the Threats

  I hail the interestingly-sounding Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act of 2017, which was introduced in the Senate by Utah's Orrin Hatch and Massachusetts's Ed Markey. The bill would direct the establishment of best practices and good "hygiene" measures for computers.
   Simple things, like installing reputable antivirus software, updating the software, not opening unknown emails, backing up your computer, etc. It is suggested that 90 percent of the computer viruses could be avoided if we followed such simple measures.
   I continue to think we need to step up our efforts against cybercrime. I have learned that there is a department within the FBI tasked with fighting cybercrime, the Cyber Division, created in 2002. Is it doing enough? My feeling is that it is not. We still lack a police or investigative agency we can go to when hit by cybercrime, one where we cannot only file a report, but expect an investigation and have hope the criminals will be prosecuted.

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