Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ethnic Cleansing has Parallels with the Deportation of Immigrants

 What if this is the definition of ethnic cleansing: The forced removal of a group from a territory by a more powerful group in order to remove the perceived undesirable effects of the smaller group from the larger group.
  There are some commonalities shared by ethnic cleansing and deportation of immigrants. Both seek to remove a group. Both see the group being removed as undesirable. Both remove the group by force. Both do not recognize that the smaller group has any right to live in the territory. Both have a fear of what the smaller group will do to the larger group if allowed to stay. Both often speak with contempt when speaking of the smaller group. Both see the territory as belonging to the larger group at the exclusion of the smaller group. Both see the smaller group as being intruders.

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