Thursday, July 6, 2017

More People Should be Locked Up for Threats of Violence

   Reading a story of how a killer issued a thinly veiled warning before killing a police officer, I suggest it is time to get more serious with our laws against threats.
   Threatening should land you in jail, if you are threatening violence or harm. Idle threats? Where do we draw the line? Can we toss everyone in jail who says they are going to kill someone? We'd all be in jail, you say.
    I do not know. I only know there are people who would still be alive if we enforced our laws better. And, it would be a good thing if people quit expressing such sentiments as, "I'm going to kill you." Perhaps, we can't and shouldn't lock up everyone who utters the expression, but we should lock up more than we do.
    And, we had better find out where to draw the line, lest more lives are wasted.

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