Monday, July 10, 2017

Let a People be a People

   So, you see I believe people should not generally be restricted by borders. If they want to move to Canada, Sweden or Australia, let them.
   I'll put an asterisk on Sweden, and explain that in about ten seconds.
   Move where you will, come and go as you choose, for liberty should include the freedom to move about.
   But, there should also be the right of people to separate themselves from others. If they become concerned the Swedish race will be lost if they let too many others in, let them limit those who come in.
   I do not believe in racial cleansing, where one people thinks it is superior to others, and therefore seeks to keep its bloodlines pure. When our Sweden friends feel this way, it would be better they not pursue pure blood lines by barring immigrants.
   But, if they simply want to keep Nordic bloodlines Nordic, not thinking they are better than anyone else, just wanting to be their own people, I find no fault with that.
   And, if a people wants to live apart, because of their culture, or because of their religion, let them.
   Ethnic cleansing? I do not believe in it. I do not believe in the forced removal of any group. Rather, if the group that would be separate sees a need to separate, let them be the people who move. Let them limit immigration, and if that is not enough to separate them, let them move to another location, but let them not persecute, belittle, destroy or deport any people that lives among them.
   I do not want to imply that I believe in white nationalism, where white people seek to exclude others from their society. Whites, as a race, are not endangered. There is no need to protect a pure bloodline. And, if you are speaking of whites just wanting to be their own people, I still do not feel it wise for them to separate as a nation on this basis. As a community, then? I give it some thought, but wonder if it is better not to do so.

(The last paragraph was added 8/17/17, after the Charlottesville incident. The last portion of the blog before that was added 7/11/17 and 7/12/17.)

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