Monday, July 17, 2017

Parties having Equal Access to the Ballot is a Civil Right

   This could be a whole new field for a nation that has already declared equality for so many. So far, we've had equality for women, for black people, for those of same-sex attraction, and so forth.
   Now, what of equality for political parties?
   Not that Constitution and Socialist party members are flogged, or forced to sit at the back of the bus. But, just like women and black people were once not allowed to vote, minor and third parties lack equal access at the voter's box. They are discriminated against.
   And, it goes completely unnoticed.
   Rules are set making it hard on the little parties. If you don't receive 2 percent of the vote, you are knocked off the ballot for the next election. If you don't form your party eleven months in advance, you cannot be placed on the ballot.
   I don't know about all states, but Utah does such things.
   I understand the Elections Office hired extra workers to count the signatures for Tanner Ainge and John Curtis, who got on the ballot through the signature-gathering process. The Elections Office wanted to ensure it completed counts for them in a timely fashion. But, how did it deal with counting the signatures for the United Utah Party? It not only didn't hire extra workers, it made a point to take its time, saying it had 30 days and was going to take the full thirty days. Worse, if I understand correctly, it said it could not be expected to take time away from its responsibilities just to count signatures for the United Party.
   As if counting the United Party's signatures wasn't a part of what its responsibility was.
   If these things I have heard are correct, this is discrimination -- discrimination based on party. Yes, there exists in America -- at least in Utah -- discrimination based on political party.


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