Friday, July 7, 2017

In the Business World, We Would Call this an Unfair Business Practice

   Sometimes a lawsuit is the only answer. The Republican and Democratic parties are not going to change the laws to make them more equitable. So, about the only alternative is to take the case to court.
   The United Utah Party would like to be on the ballot come November's special election to replace Jason Chaffetz in the U.S. House of Representatives. Since they started their effort in May (I don't guess it started earlier than that), that would seem plenty of notice.
   Unfortunately, the law doesn't make it possible. By law, you must organize before Nov. 30 to be placed on the ballot the following November. Why such a restrictive law? It certainly prevents people from seeing a race and deciding they would like to field a candidate on something other than one of the two parties.
   In other words, if you are to run, you are funneled into running either as a Republican or Democrat.
   In the business world, we would call this an unfair business practice.


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