Thursday, September 8, 2016

Are American natives Often an Entitled People

   Are native Americans often an entitled people? I mean, do they lean on government welfare? Do they cry for rights, such as protecting sacred sites, that are a little overboard?
   I ask the questions because I wonder, not necessarily because I agree.
   I do think how we take care of the American natives is an important issue. Going along with this, I think we should consider questions such as this, whether they are an entitled people, taking advantage of the government's giving them limited sovereignty and such. I think of the protest going on in North Dakota, where the American natives are angry over a pipeline that they say might endanger their water supply and would threaten sacred sites. I would guess the developers and many others view the protesters as spoiled, expecting rights and privileges beyond what other people have.
   Do we grant American natives too much? I will only say, I think we should take care of them, giving them a good place in our society and chances to succeed. The issue of how we treat, and how we care for the native Americans should be a larger public issue, for their care is important.

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