Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We Should Change the Law so the Rich also Must Pay Their Taxes

   I've a belief that a good public servant is one who looks for things that are wrong, and changes them. So, Trump says, "That makes me smart," when the idea that he pays no taxes is brought up.
   That indicates pretty much tells us he is not paying not a dime.
   So, the question becomes: Is it wrong? Is it just that a rich person should pay no taxes while the rest of us do?
   Or, is it something that should be changed? Is it an injustice?
   Of course it is an injustice And, if it is an injustice, of course it should be changed. If we were a country that reacted to such injustices, if we sought out injustices and changed them as quick as we could find them, we would be all over this one. We would change things up, and quickly. I do wish we were such a nation. It is not a hard thing to see this is wrong. And, it is not a hard thing to change it. Congress could convene, pass a law mandating a minimum payment of, say, 10 percent, and justice would be better served.

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