Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump is Taking Advantage of Us, Alright

   When Hillary, speculating as to why Trump does not release his tax records, suggested one possibility might be because he paid no taxes, Trump responded that that would be smart not to have to pay taxes.
  That somehow seems a confession he didn't pay taxes. It seems this would be one of the large stories out of tonight's debate.
   Later, Trump spoke of taking advantage of existing laws in the business world, and I thought, Take advantage? yes, take advantage of the tax laws and come away without paying any taxes. Take advantage of everyone else by leaving it to them to pay for government services by paying their taxes while you don't. Rich people shouldn't have to, because they are too smart and can out-smart the rest of us and leave it to us to foot the bill. I see what you mean about being smart.
   Trump says he isn't releasing his taxes because he is under audit. I wonder, though, if he might be going back and amending his taxes, so he does pay some taxes.
   And then, and only then, will he release his taxes.

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