Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pay the Teacher Better

   Investing more money on Utah's teachers perhaps is part of what we should do to reform education in the state. While we might not know who funded the study, in order to determine if it was unbiased, a study by the Economics Policy Institute shows teachers are paid 17 percent less than those in other jobs requiring similar education.
    In Utah, the gap is about 30 percent.
   While a large reason for the current teacher shortage in Utah appears to be that many teachers just reached retirement age, and therefore retired -- and that is not a matter to be corrected so much by raising salaries -- still, I believe pay increases are in order.
   While I believe the argument that if you want high quality personnel, you must pay them well can be overstated, still I think there is some truth in the the principle.
    So, hike the pay for Utah's teachers. Whether we bring it up so much that it comes all the way to leveling with the pay of other comparable professions, at least raise it some.

(Slight change made in blog 9/25/16)

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