Monday, September 5, 2016

Offer Alcoholics Permanent Stay in Life Treatment Centers

   It seems to me, all our alcohol-treatment centers are treat-and-release facilities, not permanent homes. May I suggest, alcoholism is a disability. With that in mind, consider that when it comes to other disabilities, the patient can be placed in a care center for life.
   Why not the alcoholic?
   Would this be something new? I think it would. I don't believe we have places where the alcoholic can go on a permanent basis. No such safe-haven. No such service. Let's innovate and add them to our society.
   Now, some would be offended to even hear that a "safe-haven" would be provided to alcoholics. They would say that the alcoholic got him or herself into this, and they need to be responsible for their actions rather than being rewarded for them, rather than being given a free place to live the rest of their lives.
   But, am I advocating a free place? Read on.
   I have seen more than one person go into the Volunteers of America treatment center, then come out and return right back to drinking. Permanent solutions might require permanent care. No, not every situation would require permanent care. There are times when the alcoholic would be released, either because he was choosing to, or because he was healthy enough to leave.
  But, leaving him or her there for life? That would come at tremendous cost. My thought, though, is that we not give them something for free, whenever we can avoid it. For the most part, and maybe for the all part, they can work. Whether we place them in community jobs during the day and have them return to the center at night, or whether we have jobs for them right in the treatment centers, let them work.
   If they are working and paying for their own way, the objection to providing them a free ride is lost. So, I say create these permanent alcohol life homes, life treatment centers.


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