Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Officers Nationwide Should Sit Their Officers Down and have a Talk

   I suppose I feel every police chief in the nation should take sit his officers down, perhaps showing them the video of the Terence Crutcher shooting, and tell them they are not ever to perpetrate such a shooting.
  I'm a believer in teaching. And, I believe if you don't teach, the lesson needing to be learned often doesn't get learned. We are deep enough into these officer-involved shootings, that it would seem such a thing as happened in Tulsa would not occur. By now, it seems officers would have learned to avoid doing such things. Now, maybe if every police chief in the land were to warn his officers against such things, they indeed would not happen. They certainly would be much less likely to happen.
   Nothing taught is nothing learned. Sit them down, and have a talk with them. If you don't tell them they can't do such things, there's a chance they might. Don't assume they know better; Teach them.
   My solution for all the officer-involved shootings? This, as much as anything is it.

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