Saturday, September 10, 2016

We are Paralyzed by Studies, When it Comes to the Salt Flats

  Sometimes, you need to take action without waiting for a study. Such is the case with the Bonneville Salt Flats. long home to the fastest vehicles in the world.
  The races have been held this year, but the surface of the Salt Flats has been thin and not up to standards. As a result, racing at the Salt Flats remains in danger of being discontinued. And, so what are we doing about it? Another study, one that might be concluded by 2018.
  What is the saying, when it's time for action, the time for talking is over?
  Intrepid, the mining company, has been restocking the flats with the salt. But, is the water being mixed with the salt impairing the results? Don't wait for a study. Consider reducing the amount of water used in the mix, in hopes of alleviating the problem. And, if you have more stockpiled salt, get more back on the Bonneville International Speedway.
   We can be paralyzed by studies, when all we need it to do it try a few things and see which one works.

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