Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Global Warming? The Die is Cast, the Harm Crippling, at Best

   I look wistfully at a special edition from USA Today in the news rack. Says the cover:
   I look at the price, $4.95, and ask the clerk if it is correct. It seems a little much. Then, I decide I want it anyway, and bring it over to pay for it.
   Days later, I conclude the news on the cover is worth more than $4.95. If the special edition were to carry no more than what it suggests on the cover, the message is important enough that $4.95 does not cover its worth.
   Inside, I find a short article titled, TRUTH IS, THE DIE IS CAST ALREADY. At best, the article suggests, the damage is not terminal, but only crippling.
   " 'We're committed to a path that is taking us into parts unknown, and there's no turning back,' says Gavin Schmidt, a NASA climatologist. 'There are only choices about how much of an unknown situation we put ourselves in.' "


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