Thursday, September 22, 2016

We should Study what the Officers are Taught, and What they Believe

   We are not investing these police violence shootings adequately. Indeed, in one way, hardly even begin to investigate them.
   If we would know why the officer pulled the trigger, perhaps we should go back, in each incident, and study what the officer was taught, and what his friends and fellow officers believed should be done. When do you pull the trigger? And, what had the officer -- him or herself -- confided to others on their feelings as to when you pull the trigger.
   Such studies would lend to understanding better the problem we have. Do you pull the trigger if the detainee is resisting your orders? Do you always assume the detainee could be reaching for a weapon if he goes to his pocket, or his vest, or reaches inside his car? And, if the answer to that must be yes, then do you always shoot him dead in such cases?
   We should be studying what our officers were taught, what they believed, and then we should be asking ourselves if these are correct things to be believing and if they are correct principles in determining whether to kill people.

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