Saturday, September 17, 2016

Is Trump Leading the Nation Away from Birtherism?

   I have never understood how birthers stick to the argument. Regardless of a birth certificate, there were birth notices published in the Honolulu newspapers. That was 55 years ago. They are still there, in copies of the newspapers to be found in Honolulu's library.
   To suppose they were planted, to suppose that someone got into the library and planted them there in these past few years . . . 
   Or, to suppose that 55 years ago his parents had the birth notices placed in the Honolulu newspapers . . . that's a large stretch, one that I can see no good reason for making.
   I do wonder about Trump's confession. I wonder if it will lead more people to drop their belief in birtherism. Sometimes, all the logic in the world has no affect. But, when someone in a leadership position changes their stand, others follow.

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