Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our Scientists Warn Us, and We Hardly Lift an Eye to Blink

   While the world warms, some worry none about it, and some think it a hoax, Those who think it real? They set the goals for reducing it off in the future.
   I suggest we ought to just pull the plug on greenhouse emissions, rid ourselves of them in every way we can.
   I read this past week how what we have done already -- even if no more is done -- will leave us crippled, at best.We have gone so far down the road, we cannot step clear of definite damage catching up with us in the future. The emissions are in the atmosphere, already, and cannot be called back.
   I say, we are a blind world, an unwise world. To have let ourselves get this far -- Why? I look at all the alternative forms of energy and do not understand why we do not just go green as immediately as we can.
   If a patient who smoked were diagnosed with emphysema, would the doctor tell him he probably should quit smoking in a few years? What we should do, we should do now. The other forms of energy are before us. We could use them today. What kind of foolishness is this that we do not? Our scientists have warned us, and they've warned us there will be consequences, though they might not know the exact measure of what is going to happen. That should scare us the more, for we do not know what retributions await us.
  Pull the plug on greenhouse emissions, now.

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