Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why not Pattern Teacher Pay after the NBA Pay System?

  With teachers being underpaid, why don't we injected more competition into the pay system? Why not model the pay system in which the employees are paid the best of all?
   I speak of the NBA, NFL and MLB, of course.
   So, what if teachers were encouraged to sign with the district that offered them the most? What if there were ways of judging the teachers who produced the best students? What if there were bidding wars for the top teachers?
   I toss this out as an idea. Don't know if it would work. Am left wondering whether it is even a good idea. Still, it seems worthy of consideration. After all, we sometimes lament that NBA players are paid so much while teachers are not. No, we are not going to make millionaires out of teachers simply by adopting the pay system used in the NBA. But, it stands to reason teacher salaries would go up.

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