Friday, September 9, 2016

McMullin holds the Best Chance of all the Minor Candidates

   Evan McMullin has the best chance of all the minor presidential candidates, and it is because of Utah that he does. It matters little if an independent or minority party candidate pulls 5 percent or however much nationwide, because that does not come close to winning a single Electoral College vote.
   McMullin, though, holds the potential of taking Utah. Currently, he is not polling well enough to do that, but the potential remains. Why should not Utah voters vote for him? He aligns with them on the issues, hails from BYU, and is the third choice many voters were crying for. He is but an endorsement or two away from being a viable candidate. If Romney and a prominent Utah politician or two ot only endorsed him, but emphatically endorsed him, the Utah electorate would warm up to him.
   If he took the six Utah Electoral College votes, and it was a tight race between Clinton and Trump, who knows but what the election wouldn't be thrown to the House of Representatives.

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