Thursday, September 1, 2016

Keep the College Courses, but Hire the Best Regardless of Degree

   I continue to see wisdom in throwing out the requirement that teachers be credentialed before being allowed to teach. Now, I imagine the reaction such a suggestion could have, with some some blasting it as surely a way to reduce the quality of our education.
   Listen, I am not suggesting prospective teachers not be vetted. Nor am I suggesting that we do away with our college courses that train our teachers. Perhaps it will be that the most prepared teachers available will be those who graduate with degrees in teaching.
   I suggest though, that what makes a good teacher is his or her knowledge of the topic and his or her ability to teach it effectively. Why hire with another criteria in mind? If the teacher is self-taught, but knows as much as the college graduate, if the teacher is as talented at presenting the material as the person who graduated from college, then hire him. Hire the best, regardless. Hire the best, because you tested them, interviewed them, vetted them, and determined they were the best.
   (Story edited, and slight added to the morning of Sept. 2.)

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