Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Did the Media Skip Over Hayden's Almost-Endorsement of McMullin?

   Former CIA agent Evan McMullin's presidential candidacy received strong words of favor from former CIA director Michael Hayden today -- but the story doesn't seem to have received much play.
   I did catch it on KSL Radio, which played a lengthened spot on what he had to say about Russian hacking. When someone asked him about McMullin, he all but gushed. I thought to come home and look up the story. Alas, what I found at of Hayden's visit in Salt Lake City did not cover word one of his strong words of favor for McMullin. I wonder if the rest of the media also skipped over Hayden's comments on McMullin.
   It should have been a story in and of its own. And, with Hayden in Salt Lake City, it should have been featured in every news outlet.
  Why wasn't it?
(Story edited and corrected 9/1/16)

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