Monday, August 29, 2016

We Probably should Outlaw Cans and Plastic Containers

   We probably should outlaw plastic containers, and maybe tin and aluminum ones, as well
  If something is harmful, there is great reason to outlaw it.  Consumers assume there is a level of safety when something is on the market. They do not have time to investigate. So, they ingest BPA day after day, year after year, assuming it is safe.
   And, should they ever stop to look it up? They perhaps will only be put right back at ease when they learn the FDA has said BPA is not harmful at levels currently on the market.
   But, I trust scientists more than regulatory agencies. Turn back to March 4, 2015, when Douglas Main posted an article in Newsweek titled, "BPA IS FINE, IF YOU IGNORE MOST STUDIES ABOUT IT."
   From the article, we read: "Newsweek spoke with about 20 scientists, leaders in the field of BPA research, and the majority say it is likely (though not certain) that the chemical plays a role in a litany of health concerns: obesity, diabetes, problems with fertility and reproductive organs, susceptibility to various cancers and cognitive/behavioral deficits like ADHD."
  I do not believe you ignore science. While studies funded by the packaging industry suggest BPA, which is used in making plastic containers and as an anti-rust agent lining cans, say BPA is safe, independent studies suggest it is not.
   I say, we are foolish to keep using containers when the evidence suggests they are causing problems ranging from cancer to ADHD to birth defects. We are foolish to disregard the warnings of the scientists, even if our regulatory agencies are telling us all is well.
   We could be a healthier people. One way to better health is to avoid that which causes problems. There is probable cause to believe BPA causes a host of problems, not just one. Will we not do anything about it, imperiling our own health? Or, will we outlaw it, moving out of harm's way?

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