Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What if Government had the Same Restrictions on Guns?

   Those who oppose unauthorized immigration -- better know as illegal immigration -- make it a point to note they are not against lawful immigration. All they are asking, they say, is that the immigrants come legally, that they abide by the laws of the land.
   I wonder if we should stop to think about what the law is, then. Why not break it down to what it amounts to?
   I'm thinking, the only law they are breaking is a law that takes away their freedom. The only law they're breaking is an edict saying they are not free. Tell me, if the government came up with an edict saying you were not free, how would you take to that?
   I know a many who make it no secret that if government tries to take away their freedom, they will pick up their guns and put up a fight. I kind of wonder why they don't grant that the illegal immigrant should feel the same way. Instead of telling the immigrant, "Just do it legally," maybe they should consider whether they would require the same of themselves. If the government limited their freedom by putting the same restrictions on guns that there are on immigration, how would they feel? What if the government limited how many guns the public could have, and you had to wait in line for, say, five years before you were allowed to buy a gun.
   And, what if the government said, "Hey, we're not against you having guns, we just want you to do it legally"?
    Some of the restrictions, indeed, might be the same. The government says, you can't have a gun unless you register it. And it says, you can't come to America unless you register. But, the difference i in how easy it is to register for a gun, as opposed to how difficult we make it to register to live in America. You can go to a gun show and walk in and get a gun, on the spot. And, as I pointed out, there is no cap on how many people can have guns.
   Let's make it just as easy for the immigrant. Let him walk up to the border, register, wait as long as a gun buyer does for a background check, and then come on in.
   Immigration, styled after our gun laws.

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